Sept. 25-Oct. 1, 2023 Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, Rome, Italy

2023 Volunteers


All applications are now being reviewed and you will be notified shortly whether you have been successful or not in your application. For any queries please contact

Access Buddy

As an Access Buddy, you will be part of the Spectator Assistant team, but you will be specifically trained to help those with mobility issues. You will receive both online and face to face training which will help you prepare for your role. Your duties may include shuttling spectators from the disabled car park to the dedicated mobility scooters on site or perhaps just offering some guidance and any additional help to those that require it.

Buggy Shuttle Drivers

You will accommodate the transport needs of Players / Officials / Media / VIP’s and others around the course. You must hold a full driving license valid in Italy at the time of the event.

Evacuation Vehicle Driver

You will be assigned to the transportation of people as required. You will be responsible for parking emergency evacuation vehicles in the allocated place, smoothing traffic flow and transporting players and caddies to emergency points within the boundaries of Marco Simone, if necessary.

You must hold a full driving license valid in Italy at the time of the event.

Grandstand Marshal

Your main task will be to manage the flow of people, the management of seating in grandstands and to ensure the noise of spectators in the grandstands. You must report any unusual situations, remind people of the rules of good conduct where necessary and play a supporting role with security staff in the event of evacuation.

You will be aware of the stand evacuation procedure and you will be ready to help where necessary and, if required, to follow instructions given by the emergency services. You will ensure that all aisles, entrances and exits are unobstructed at all times. The aim is to work in teams using a rotation system. Certain individuals will be selected for supervisory roles.

Hole Marshal

You will be in the core of operations on the golf course. Your role will include the management of crowds around the tee, operating crossing points, spotting balls into the landing area and ensuring best conditions around the green.

Your main purpose is to enable players to go about their business without distraction, disruption or disturbance. At the same time you will also be serving the needs of the spectators, media, photographers, TV, officials and fellow volunteers. Your role is just as important whether there is play on your hole or not. The aim is to work in teams using a rotation system. Certain individuals will be selected for supervisory roles.

Marshal Support

The welfare of volunteers is essential to the success of the event and operations on site. You will be based in Marshal HQ and there to assist the core Marshal team with volunteer queries and keep morale high! You will probably meet more volunteers than most other people, giving you the chance to make many new friends.

Media Centre Assistant

You will support media professionals without providing technical assistance, you will have the following tasks:

  • Orientating journalists
  • Dedicated welcome
  • On-site guide
  • Photocopying
  • Storing and restocking information
  • Help with the circulation of microphones in the interview room

You will work in teams on a shift basis; the description of your tasks will be provided in due course or at a briefing before your first assignment.

Media Marshals

Your primary responsibility will be to usher representatives of the media around the course via recognised media routes to fixed locations on each hole. You will ensure that members of the media conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and according to golf etiquette. At the same time you will need to be prepared to assist other marshals as you pass around the course. The aim is to work in teams using a rotation system. Certain individuals will be selected for supervisory roles.

Mobile Marshals

The name says it all: you will be a mobile course marshal. You will join the team of course marshals as you move around the course to the location of the match to which you have been assigned.

You will work inside and outside the ropes, putting you in the best position to manage the crowd and the players’ path through gaps, and to instruct the player care teams as required. Some individuals will be selected for supervisory roles.

Practice Range Marshal

As the practice areas will be the focal point for the public to see their golfing heroes before they go on to the course it is likely to be a very busy location. You will ensure that the players and caddies can go about their business without hindrance, but at the same time allowing the public to see what they want to. The current intention is that you will operate in shifts based on a rotation system. Some will be selected for a supervisory role.

Spectator Assistant

You will be the person that spectators go to with their needs, wants and questions! It is highly likely you will be the first staff that visitors to the Ryder Cup will see upon entering the golf course. There will be more specific roles including working at an Information Point or assisting with the specific needs of those with limited mobility as well as others.

In short it will be helping to resolve any problem for any spectator and probably fellow volunteers as well. Don’t worry though! You will be briefed and provided with all necessary documentation prior to starting your duties.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

You must be 18 years of age or older on 25/09/2023 to be considered for a volunteer position.

Do I need to speak Italian in order to volunteer?

Although some Italian would be beneficial, the Ryder Cup is an international sporting event with visitors attending from all over the world and so there is no requirement for our volunteers to speak Italian. Proficiency in English is, however, a requirement.

I live outside of Italy. Can I still volunteer?

Absolutely! Whilst a certain number of volunteer positions have been reserved for Italian based volunteers, we would be delighted to receive applications from people based all over the world. Please bear in mind though that it is up to the individual to arrange their own travel and accommodation. This is unfortunately not something that Ryder Cup Europe can assist with.

How many days will I be expected to volunteer?

All volunteers must commit to a minimum of four days out of a possible six (this includes three match days + one practice day). Anyone unable to fulfil this commitment will not be considered for a volunteer position. Please also note that volunteers are expected to work for a minimum of 6 hours per shift.

Is there a fee to volunteer?

All successful applicants will need to commit to a one-off fee of €100. As part of this payment, all volunteers will receive official uniform, a daily catering voucher for each day worked, event accreditation, complimentary parking and access to purchase one ticket for a friend / family member.

If you have any other questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact and a member of our volunteer team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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