Sept. 25-Oct. 1, 2023 Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, Rome, Italy


Ryder Cup Green Drive

Combining inspirational sport with social and environmental responsibility.

Commitments and initiatives over many editions of the Ryder Cup have built understanding, capacity and enthusiasm. Generating ‘net positive’ impacts for people and the planet has become central to our purpose. Now, as we step deeper into the UN Decade of Action, our ambition is to push even further.

The Ryder Cup Green Drive ensures that we take seriously our responsibilities to communities and the environment, minimising adverse impacts and maximising positive outcomes as we plan, stage and promote this great event.

Our Goals

Striving to be a meaningful force for good in sustainable development.


  • Efficiency across energy, water and materials. 
  • Avoiding waste and pollution.
  • Contributing to the circular economy.


  • Prioritising local suppliers and contractors.
  • Integrating access, equity and inclusion.
  • Designing lasting legacies.


  • Protecting and celebrating biodiversity.
  • Highlighting the importance of ecosystems.


  • Reducing emissions.
  • Quantifying emissions.
  • Credibly mitigating unavoidable emissions.


  • Engaging spectators and fans.
  • Sharing with others across golf and sport.

Delivering on vital global goals and targets.

Using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as our guide, we are aiming to contribute meaningfully across a number of priorities – with perhaps most significant and direct impact on:

GOAL 3 – Good health and wellbeing – through the promotion of a lifelong, accessible and healthy outdoor recreation and sport

GOAL 11 – Sustainable cities and communities – by delivering a smart, efficient event which acts as a catalyst and signpost for cleaner, lower carbon and more circular urban areas

GOAL 12 – Responsible consumption and production – by conserving resources, ensuring efficiencies across energy, waste and materials and contributing to the circular economy

GOAL 13 – Demonstrating a recognised approach to carbon reduction, quantification and best in class mitigation that delivers on important aspects of global climate justice

GOAL 15 – By showing how enhanced local greenspaces can combine people, nature and ecosystem services

GOAL 17 – Showing how diverse public and private sector partners can come together to address common issues of local, national and international concern

Effective, comprehensive implementation

Ryder Cup Green Drive will focus on ensuring practical actions lead to tangible results across:-

  • Venues
  • Procurement
  • Staging
  • Communications
  • Legacies
  • Credible mitigation of unavoidable impacts

Our Partners

Many of our partners and supporters are helping us make this the most sustainable Ryder Cup yet. We’ll be profiling more of them and their activations as we progress.

We are taking our leads in sustainable development, social responsibility and climate action from globally recognised frameworks, platforms and targets. We are guided in this effort by our partner in sustainable golf, GEO Foundation, the internationally accredited and endorsed non-profit dedicated to accelerating sustainability in and through golf.

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